8 august 2008 – off to MMU Cyber – Lepak umah kak Nami …hehe thanks akak..same goes to Anis & Lin
9 august 2008 – Still in Cyber – lepak ofis lama ngn abg kama,napi,kak zai,nizam etc [ Tahniah Farid Heder sempena engagement..hihi=) ] – Convo Shoot day 1
10 august 2008 – Convo Shoot day 2 – 2 org students aku turun [thanks Hamdi & Emma Nur Sara, not to forget ade lagi sorang dr uniten..hehe]
11 august 2008 – lepak kat ofis cyber lagi sampai petang
12 august 2008 – lepak ofis cmead plak jumpe ngn si Adi ngn si Ameant ngn si Yus [geng2 team pendidikan khas] etc. – Off to KL
13 august 2008 – Petaling Street day out – bukan amik gamba…g survey wireless..[huuuu sungguh takde keje…penat je jalan:p]
14-22 august 2008 – still in KL -deliver album convo and off to Johor
23-25 august 2008 – still in Johor for rauf n awe wedding [byk belajar kat sini:p]
25-29 august 2008 – off to Malacca for KPTM meeting [sini pun byk belajar jugak!]
29-30 august 2008 – kejohanan tomoi antarabangsa jubli emas diraja [shoot ngn kak nad n the gang-thanks to all]
31 august 2008 – dpt smses dr students aku wish birthday, dpt hadiah dr kak nad…dpt baju dr kazen kak nad, boxer2 wish birthday jugak:p dan jugak dpt cute keychain from big boss for big event windy boxing championship jugak..hihi..thanks to allll!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

to be continued


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