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nota noti- still in the hectic life

salamzzzz… mari check to do list yang penting2:

1. balik mlm ni siapkan sume gamba yg kak Nor kakjay gambar utk print
2. sok ade kelas..tak bole monteng keje
3. gi amik gamba printing rabu [redframe or insaphoto]
4. khamis deliver kat kak Nor
5. jumaat bebudak present final & submit final product
6. jumaat malam off to KL
7. Sabtu Malam shoot dinner
8. Ahad pagi balik Kedah
9. 3hb (Rabu) invigilate exam
10. 4hb (Khamis) invigilate exam
11. 10hb(Rabu) jaga exam
11.5 15-19 MEETING CS WITH INDUSTRIES (sila inform KJ tak bole invigilate exam on 18th)
12. 18hb (khamis) jaga exam lagi

last week nye schedule:
13-16 – kursus video
17-21 – meeting cs @ genting
22 – shoot wedding Amy & Radzi: Beruas
23 – SHoot kekanak tadika



salam..hi guys..i will be away again this time to Genting plak..huhu..what a life..hehhe..ok kali ni anggap je lah cam g vacation..BAGPACK!!! tata and take care!

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I’m feeling exhausted..this is not complaining but really i need a break!!U see with the hectic working life [classes/consultation/students] then, the so called short course and wht not that need me to attend in 5 days straight from Tuesday-Sunday hahahah..then the day after Sunday i will be off to AWANA GENTING HOTEL for Competency Standard + Industry Meeting for a week again..hahah[i’m cryin inside],Then again I only have 1 week[it’s actually 1 day cause i bet my students will be all the time busy with classes n study for exam]after meeting to finish up classes + student presentation + DDS2 final Project Submission + Assignment Assessment. and heck the week after that will be the grand grand grand final examination that obviously wrote on the list I’m one of the invigilator..hahaha..