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I’m feeling exhausted..this is not complaining but really i need a break!!U see with the hectic working life [classes/consultation/students] then, the so called short course and wht not that need me to attend in 5 days straight from Tuesday-Sunday hahahah..then the day after Sunday i will be off to AWANA GENTING HOTEL for Competency Standard + Industry Meeting for a week again..hahah[i’m cryin inside],Then again I only have 1 week[it’s actually 1 day cause i bet my students will be all the time busy with classes n study for exam]after meeting to finish up classes + student presentation + DDS2 final Project Submission + Assignment Assessment. and heck the week after that will be the grand grand grand final examination that obviously wrote on the list I’m one of the invigilator..hahaha..



kembara mencari keampunan....

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