1 mama with 9 instant children

salam..aha..been a while huh..busy =) here’s some updates about me and hmm my so called working life:p (this blog dah almost bersawang dah tak update *sambil sapu2 sawang:D*

this semester as mentioned before, i’ve become an academic advisor for 8 + 1 students DDV1 class (DDV = pengajian video dan filem) . At first, i only have 8 “anak2 PA” but added to be 9 last monday:p

hmm..first “perjumpaan PA” ONLY 6 of em came and see me..where’s the rest? u guys will be “ketuk ketampi” later :p

my “anak2 pa” will be under me as well for Digital Photography class..so it would be easier for me to look after em too:D

As today we have 4 hours digital photography class..we will start with product shoot…heh..(i’ll bring my guitar as subject matter) In fact in any of my class i prefer to do the assignment with em. they are going to shoot the product, so do i.. then share the outcome and have a good crit session. same goes to Web Animation class..i asked my students to create their own personal website, so i’ll have one too. I believe the courage is there,that way:).

ok..here goes some sample of my previous artwork using guitar as my subject matter.


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