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I’m not painting or drawing or doing sketches for quite sometimes but today here goes my latest artwork.Digitally drawn and painted in Adobe Photoshop CS3. Mostly using Brush Tool and playing with color opacity.=)

Original Image : I’ve found this picture in my office computer and decided to re-paint it.

a <- Credits to for this picture.


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Being a teacher


I think i start falling in love with education line EXCLUDED the “not-so-good” working enviroment in the office. You see, life surrounded with adorable pupils that keep calling your name whenever u meet them, and sometimes got note on your table from your students wrote “hello cik jun, how r u?  we all miss and love you…-from DDS & DDV” ohh..its totally make my heart melt..ahh this students..they just know how to make me smile ..:D

and again, when your previous student SMS and said “cik jun I’m going to study in MMU,datang la sambung master kat sini..boleh study sama-sama” ..i’m proud of u,fath! what is the best word to describe my feeling? been working here for less than a year, and now one of my student already get to go to university. i am speechless!

and one more thing that make my heart falling is this blog : such a good and inspiring me for teaching and giving even more!

**Teaching through my point of view :  is sharing the knowledge and experience that give value to all of us.


Verbal Abuse

Source from:

Teachers’ working lives are being ruined by constant verbal abuse from pupils, a teaching organisation has claimed.

The largest union representing teachers and headteachers in the UK, the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT), said that pupils were constantly challenging teachers’ authority, refusing to obey school rules, making offensive remarks and swearing, and that this was having a considerable effect on teachers’ lives.

Backed by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), NASUWT is calling for a national register of physical and verbal assaults on workers to be created.

The subject is to be discussed at a regional conference for the organisation in the north-west of England this weekend.

NASUWT national executive member for the area John Rimmer said that verbal abuse was one of the most common reasons for teachers to leave their jobs.

He said: “Governing bodies have a legal duty to ensure the safety of employees in the workplace and to report criminal acts that take place at the school to the police… Zero tolerance to verbal abuse and threatening behaviour is the only way forward.”


I have one question, what if the VERBAL ABUSE CAME FROM A LECTURER/TEACHER itself?


Thank you Allah

Assalamualaikum wbt, Alhamdulillah..harini aku kena cerap (evaluate) oleh En Din (Ketua Kursus) and
everything went smoothly, students bagi fully cooperation (Thank you Class! Thank you for listening) even though awal sebelum tu diorg bagi aku bad mood kejap..hahah..tapi lepas start je kelas semua participate in class..semua pun give opinion in English..u make me proud class!:D Pendek kate..teruskan rajin belajar, jangan main2…sape main2 sy denda ketuk ketampi nanti!:D

nih lagik sambungan artwork my students utk assignment product shoot aka assignment 2.:)





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January Intake

“I believe everyone (students) has their own potential”

Salam, semalam ade dia-louge session with somebody from Putrajaya.Tertarik dengan statement beliau..”January intake tu kalau u nak tahu adalah serpihan-serpihan (saki baki) blablabla..” ….”July intake tu kurang expose sbb belom tunjuk kepandaian mereka..blablabla”

But I still believe every students – tak kisah la january intake or july intake has their own potential..yg penting lecturer tak bole jemu polish em..takde pun istilah bodoh..yang ada ialah rajin usaha atau malas usaha..tu saje..

okay..bawah nih ialah hasil assignment students aku dr January intake and I proud of em..(lain2 gamba akan di upload kemudian) =)






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idea of heaven-nash leigh

New released from Nash Leigh. It was incredibly nice song. Got something in it..something sweet ^_^

I never thought I’d get here
I was so far away
I didn’t believe in love
Thought it was just a game people play
Everything changed when I met you
I touched your hand
You took my heart
And you led me to a better place
Just the two of us in the dark

This is my idea of Heaven lying here with you
This is my idea of Heaven nothing else I’d rather do

I never thought you’d get here
Why’d you make me wait?
But when I looked into your eyes
I recognized you were my fate
I’d been living in a lonely shell
With no windows to the world
How in God’s name did you find
the lone star’s loneliest girl?

This is my idea of Heaven lying here with you
This is my idea of Heaven nothing else I’d rather do
To feel you heart beating
To feel our lips meeting
This is my idea of Heaven ooooo

In Heaven love is everywhere
There is no pain there are no tears
In Heaven love lasts forever
It doesn’t disappear

This is my idea of Heaven lying here with you
This is my idea of Heaven nothing else I’d rather do
To feel you heart beating
To feel our lips meeting
This is my idea of Heaven ooooo

This is my idea of Heaven lying here with you

p/s: I dedicate this song to someone I want to meet everyday:)


Mati kebosanan:p

mati kebosanan = takde life = ??

Salam, huwarghhh!!! takde life takde life takde life! hahaha..yeay sejak masuk gomen hidup menjadi super duper takde life..takde masa nak g shoot gamba org..takde masa shoot gamba kehidupan..naik muak ngn keje2 kat ofis..sgt byk dan bertimbun2..aduh…
Tapi fikir2 balik..nak survive dan mati kebosanan atau pk cara lain bagi life normal balik? :p skang ni pagi keje..balik pun patut nye kena buat keje ofis lagi..tapi penat nye pasal terus tido je..aih..kena plak travel everyday dr perlis ke kedah..then mananye tak menggunung keje…dan skang…tak enjoy langsung keje:P SANGAT PENAT tapi org akan kata..“ok la tu ade keje dr takde keje..bersyukur lah keje government plak” ..ya ya betulkan saja apa yg dikatakan tu..syukur dpt keje government..syukur monthly masuk gaji…tapi of course ade price i have to pay for that..sigh..susah nak ckp..argh! :p

p/s: bukan nak komplen ape…nak curik masa g shoot sunset kat kuala perlis je..tu pun takde masa..:((