Being a teacher


I think i start falling in love with education line EXCLUDED the “not-so-good” working enviroment in the office. You see, life surrounded with adorable pupils that keep calling your name whenever u meet them, and sometimes got note on your table from your students wrote “hello cik jun, how r u?  we all miss and love you…-from DDS & DDV” ohh..its totally make my heart melt..ahh this students..they just know how to make me smile ..:D

and again, when your previous student SMS and said “cik jun I’m going to study in MMU,datang la sambung master kat sini..boleh study sama-sama” ..i’m proud of u,fath! what is the best word to describe my feeling? been working here for less than a year, and now one of my student already get to go to university. i am speechless!

and one more thing that make my heart falling is this blog : http://successfulteaching.blogspot.com/ such a good and inspiring me for teaching and giving even more!

**Teaching through my point of view :  is sharing the knowledge and experience that give value to all of us.


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