Morning frivolous joke

I’m not sure if the “frivolous” is the best word to describe but I had some “sarcastically” silly joke this morning in my office:p

Last week, I’ve been asking by one of my working mates to write  on the announcement board about her taking MC for a week  until 1st of May 2009, and this morning one of my supervisor came looking for me with A BIG QUESTION MARKS in her head;

Supervisor- Jun, what’s up with her taking MC until 30th May 2010??
Me- I have no idea, I wrote 1st May 2009 at the first place.
Supervisor- Seriously, it was wrote 30 may 2010 on it
Me- Ah…U should have known that we got Hantu Raya in this Office :))

Moral on the story – Sometimes they seriously have no other works to do lah 😛  *aku geleng kepala sambil sambung keje balik*


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