the unwritten law

“Confirm your instructions and the other person’s commitments in writing”

some people just have brain damage (poor memory), others are too busy and will take the matter a great deal if its in writing and have a copy to a third person as a witness:)

“Do not be timid-speak up-express yourself and promote your ideas”

New employees used to think their job is simply to do what they are told.Yes,there are time when it is wise and prudent to keep silent but it pays to express your point whenever u can contribute something.

“Do not overlook the steadfast truth that your direct supervisor is your “boss””

Could anybody explain this to me?=)

“Be as particular as u can in selection of your supervisor”

Business organization is not an army, its a mob.

“Cultivate the habit of seeking other people’s opinions and recommendations”

ask for help from others; routinely seek out those who are “in the know”.

“When u r dissatisified with the service of another department,make ur complaint to the individual most directly responsible for the function involved.”

be sure u know what u r doing.

“Do not try to do it all yourself”


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