Final Presentation Web Animation Class V4146

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Tomorrow V4146 Web Animation Class will be having Final Presentation on their Personal Website Project. I would love to congrats all of you in the class of DDS5 2009 for your hard work to complete your project. Lets not talk  about “time constraint” or “events you have to organize” because you already at the end of the line. See, you guys can make it. You guys DID make it, even BETTER than before.

Fadhli: At the first place, you were a lil bit slow than others. Yes with the reason of “my external hardisk was stolen”, you have to re-create your website all over again. heh. but you prove me that you can make it even better. better layout design. better content. congratulations to you. so  in the future, by hook or by crook, no matter what. just do it. do not give up. do not give too much excuses:) you will make it. you have prove to me that you are a born winner!:D

Tuan Muzaffar: You, the always “yang busy” (YB) in my class:p like a chipsmore. a split second on and off. hee. but you impressed me with your talent.You can sing, designing, photograph pictures, have good editing skills, but the MOST IMPORTANT THING is you have completed my assignment 2 days earlier than others.:D
Website : http://www.junizazamri.com/v4146/muzaffar

Sobri: Sobri the Artist! you have good skills in drawing. You can make money with your skills trust me!:D nothing much to say. overall good.

(to be continued)


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