Presentation : TIPS NO 1-3

MP3 Title: Tips 1-3 (GET TO KNOW)

This is an online class to recognize what is the weaknesses during your presentation.

Tips no 1-3 is about GET TO KNOW your target audience, your product, your strong and weak points.

Hopefully there’s something we can learn from this online tips πŸ™‚ Thank you.

p/s: I would be glad if there are suggestions and comments on this topic from the academician or the readers, to give their tips on how to improve students presentation:)

– Miss Jun


6 thoughts on “Presentation : TIPS NO 1-3”

  1. Miss Jun,
    tengs for the prefect tips.

    amat berguna sekali
    dan absoltely sy tahu
    tp bile tyme present, trus blank
    aduyai. ta yakin diri.
    ape pn, sy akan improve dri sy tuk wat presentation y da bomb
    tengs again miss jun :]

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