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Happy Happy!

Happy Belated Birthday Kak Wan! 😀 (her birthday was on 30th july) :p

Here’s my to do list:
1. Assignment Requirements
2. Template Annual Report
3. MEMO Annual Report (Collecting Content)
4. GDL/Photo Studio/Cameras
5. FRP

5-9 August = Makassar, Indonesia
6 August = present Web design to JPPKK (doc)
15 August = Saturday morning PTPTN @ DKU
16 AUgust= Lighting Class @ Sungai Petani

GEt ready:
MCing Graduation Day
PS Graduation Day

Students Trip
Jamboree Lumba Basikal (to be confirm

AWAY AGAIN in October 7-11 October to Brunei

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Bontot city ku di langgar wira




Kira2 pukul 6.45 pagi,honda city meluncur meninggalkan rumah ke destinasi Sek Hutan Kampung-Highway-Perlis. Seperti biasa sampai di Trafik light pertama di Taman Nuri,bergerak lagi sampai ke Trafik light simpang tiga ke Sek Asma dan ke Giant. Aku break perlahan2 bila nampak lampu merah didepan. 3 minit selepas berhenti. BUMMM!!!!!!! city ku terangkat sedikit “ADUHHHHHH sapee pulak cium bontot keta aku pagi2 nih..adeiii” Terus aku tarik gear ke P mode,petik button unlock pintu.berjalan keluar dan lihat apa dah jadi ngn bontot keta aku..”ayooo achi, camna mau kira nih?” ada nada getar di kerongkong.Hancus hati aku melihatkan kemeknye bontot Honda ku dicium tanpa rela.. “okay2 adik, kita stop tepi kira,takpa2 saya bayar”- kata S. Aku bergerak ke tepi berhenti depan Kedai TMnet Clicker. “So cemana nih kak?”-aku tanya lagi sambil menekan2 punat telefon nak telefon abah dan abg aku. Di pendekkan cerita, pas call bapak n abg aku, diorg dtg..borak2 dan sembang2 sket, akak tu janji nak tanggung segala kos membaiki balik bontot ketaku yg dia cium tu. abis rongak BUMPER city ku..

Slalunya Honda kalau kena hentam susah nak kemek, tapi kali nih kemek gak sbb akak tu bawak laju pastu dia tak dpt plak nak agak bila time nak break..parah2. Bape nilai nak kena baya tatau la kena g tanya kedai. rasanya kalau wira mau dekat RM700 gak tu..kalau Honda original mau RM3ooo. takpe la nanti tgk ape kedai kate. Gambar tak de..belom amik..satgi baru g amik n upload sini. Moral of the story : JANGAN CARI PASAL NGN HONDA. NANTI MAKAN TAK ABIS.

note kaki: Tahun nih Honda aku pakai baju raya lah. BUMPER baru.

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Dulu Vs Sekarang

Slot Fitrah 7 march 06 (playback) Shin & Tekong



I used to be an on-air  DJ when I was in my university back in year 2006. Been partner to Tekong, Kismis and Razak for Fitrah Malay Slot. I enjoyed my time on-air with them. heh. bittersweet experience. :p

Well, im not saying that i was  good in that on air thingy but believe me some of the dj(s) are talented, and inevitable all of us are TALENTED in their own way. We are somebody, I would say. Let’s check it out:

DJ Tekong : He is the Director & Multimedia Producer of Flavert Media Lab,he’s running his own company in Cyberjaya. and dude, dont ever judge others by its cover. dont ever underestimate people u dont know. He might look like a not-yet graduate student, but who knows he’s actually the CEO of the company in MMU :p

Dj Razak : He’s now still studying in MMU in Faculty of Engineering. Tengah intern kat KL skang:p

Dj Kismis : The member of Nasyid Group: the Demascus.

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Movie : The art Vs the Value

Movie I watched: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,Forest Gump, Powder (1995),Black starred by Amitabh Bachchan & Rani Mukherjee,
I would recommend my students those who in Visual and Film Studies to watch this movies. Me, as an audience believe that the important things in movie making not just about how hi-tech the CGI are but the value that have in it.

These movies are absolutely inspired me to have a new a way thought of this life. I really hope that my students could produce this kind of movie which have hope, inspiring others and good value to the audience.=)And I believe, there’s a lot of movie out there that extremely good and could be our references in producing a good valuable movie.

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We responsible to it

Singer: Amy Kuney
Song Title : Simple Things


This is my thought about you and me, about we responsible to what we did. No one will ever replace us. This is undeniable. inevitable. Yes. What goes around comes around. But still in the end we have to face it alone either in good or bad ways. So, it must be a bittersweet lessons somehow.

Yep.You(I) could be there. Please keep holding on. But sorry friend, we are actually all alone. I(you) could help but you (I) the one who decide.

Some people live within their future, some people live within their history. It will change the destiny. It will change the way we think and look at this life. =)

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Medan Trip 09


I’m back to Malaysia.Yeay! after 4 days in Medan, there’s lotsa thing i want to write down here. Before that, I would love to greet “NICE TO MEET YOU,Lily,Stella,Gavin,Phillip,Jessey,Uncles and Aunties,not to forget Harry and Susan” heheheh..hajimemashite. 🙂 (Fuh~!) I had a great time in Medan,met new people,learned new things, the black magic thingy at Ambarita Island, the history of Huta Siallagan etc.



In Indonesia,kids used to be independent to find money.


Toba Lake : view from my room in Niagara Hotel








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Back dated entry :p

Singer: carol Banawa
Title: Can never be me

Salam all,
Sorry for not updating for quite sometimes.Yep, been busy with meetings and courses in KL.


picture taken using my camera handphone from my room at Armada Hotel,PJ.


road congested (Living in Kl make working people wake up early in the morning but stuck in road congested in the evening:p)


Me nd Mr Edward De Bono (Look at his green socks, interesting aite?:D)

I attended “Creative Thinking in leadership changes” and “Six Thinking Hats” course by Mr. Edward De Bono at Sunway Pyramid from the 2th til 5th of June 09. Then attended “CS Verification with Industry” on 11th June at JPPKK. Then again went to KL for CS meeting at Quality Hotel from 15th til 19th June. Then what u expect me to say? hahaha “bunch of works are waiting for me to be done!”:p

Creative Thinking Course: I’m  glad to be there, met new people from the TOP, from different background and status, from the Prof til the lecturers and the entrepreneur  gave me such a good feeling, and of course i learned new things like the 6 methods of thinking hats :p

Meeting @ JPPKK:  met Dr. Roslan and Mr Rahman and also my ex officemates : Hairy(LKW), Fakhrul(Suriafm) and MMU senior from Les Copaque Production Mr Safuan. There’s a lot i’ve learned from the discussion and verification. Looking forward to have some sort of educational project with industry soon, insyaallah.:)

Meeting CS: I would blame this meeting for my weight gained:p Previously, I attended this meeting at Melaka Bayview Hotel for aweek, then for the second phase at Klana Resort hotel again for a week and to Flamingo Hotel before straight to Awana Genting Hotel and again Ancasa Hotel and the latest meeting at Quality Hotel KL, and it took a week per meeting and now i have gained 15 kilos from my previousssssss weight (i’m crying and suffering to get new what so called my precious L size CLOTHES!) :(( and dengar2nye..coming CS meeting will be in LANGKAWI..hahaahahuwaa:p





nota kaki : off to Medan this Sunday