Back dated entry :p

Singer: carol Banawa
Title: Can never be me

Salam all,
Sorry for not updating for quite sometimes.Yep, been busy with meetings and courses in KL.


picture taken using my camera handphone from my room at Armada Hotel,PJ.


road congested (Living in Kl make working people wake up early in the morning but stuck in road congested in the evening:p)


Me nd Mr Edward De Bono (Look at his green socks, interesting aite?:D)

I attended “Creative Thinking in leadership changes” and “Six Thinking Hats” course by Mr. Edward De Bono at Sunway Pyramid from the 2th til 5th of June 09. Then attended “CS Verification with Industry” on 11th June at JPPKK. Then again went to KL for CS meeting at Quality Hotel from 15th til 19th June. Then what u expect me to say? hahaha “bunch of works are waiting for me to be done!”:p

Creative Thinking Course: I’m  glad to be there, met new people from the TOP, from different background and status, from the Prof til the lecturers and the entrepreneur  gave me such a good feeling, and of course i learned new things like the 6 methods of thinking hats :p

Meeting @ JPPKK:  met Dr. Roslan and Mr Rahman and also my ex officemates : Hairy(LKW), Fakhrul(Suriafm) and MMU senior from Les Copaque Production Mr Safuan. There’s a lot i’ve learned from the discussion and verification. Looking forward to have some sort of educational project with industry soon, insyaallah.:)

Meeting CS: I would blame this meeting for my weight gained:p Previously, I attended this meeting at Melaka Bayview Hotel for aweek, then for the second phase at Klana Resort hotel again for a week and to Flamingo Hotel before straight to Awana Genting Hotel and again Ancasa Hotel and the latest meeting at Quality Hotel KL, and it took a week per meeting and now i have gained 15 kilos from my previousssssss weight (i’m crying and suffering to get new what so called my precious L size CLOTHES!) :(( and dengar2nye..coming CS meeting will be in LANGKAWI..hahaahahuwaa:p





nota kaki : off to Medan this Sunday


1 thought on “Back dated entry :p”

  1. i lovveeee his creative thinking hat idea and definitely love edward de bono! omg! my idol.. mmg dulu kt mmu his book jadi main ref utk subjuect arwah lec kami.. mt grahame

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