Dulu Vs Sekarang

Slot Fitrah 7 march 06 (playback) Shin & Tekong



I used to be an on-air  DJ when I was in my university back in year 2006. Been partner to Tekong, Kismis and Razak for Fitrah Malay Slot. I enjoyed my time on-air with them. heh. bittersweet experience. :p

Well, im not saying that i was  good in that on air thingy but believe me some of the dj(s) are talented, and inevitable all of us are TALENTED in their own way. We are somebody, I would say. Let’s check it out:

DJ Tekong : He is the Director & Multimedia Producer of Flavert Media Lab,he’s running his own company in Cyberjaya. and dude, dont ever judge others by its cover. dont ever underestimate people u dont know. He might look like a not-yet graduate student, but who knows he’s actually the CEO of the company in MMU :p

Dj Razak : He’s now still studying in MMU in Faculty of Engineering. Tengah intern kat KL skang:p

Dj Kismis : The member of Nasyid Group: the Demascus.


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