Yes! I am back again after 2 weeks quarantined (not coz of the H1N1 pendamic ok!:p) for induction course. TWO weeks staying at Pearl International Hotel. 2 weeks ate the same MENU of food. 2 weeks “tadah” telinga dengar ceramah, BUT TRUST ME, this is all good for me man.

But one thing, I come back with BUNCHES of WORKS waiting for me in the office! huwaaa :(( but come on, semangat sket! FIGHTO Oh!!! Dont let anyone else kick you down ok?! Same goes to my students who now struggling for their FYP. U guys need to be strong. U almost at the end of the track dah nih. Please dont give up now. Saya dah balik, I’ll help u guys ok, insyaallah? 🙂


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