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Salam, Hello people!:) sorry for not updating quite some times.Been busy with paperwork, clickers, iftar, FRP, student notes and all. I just want to inform here that I am happy, I am now part of the The Apple member. The people out there are very friendly and welcoming me. Plus, we are warm to share knowledge and ideas.

Well, I have something to share with u guys! I hope my students who read this post could share their opinion regarding the topic “THE REASONS STUDENTS AREN’T MOTIVATED TO COMPLETE THEIR HOMEWORK” 🙂 It was originally by Julia G Thompson but I need to clarify it in our study culture in Poly itself.

By:Julia G. Thompson

The following may be reasons students aren’t motivated to complete their homework. Are you a motivational teacher? Take our quiz and find out.

• The work is too difficult

• The work is too easy

• Their work may not be appropriate for a significant number of students

• They are distracted by someone sitting near them

• They are distracted by an event that happened at home or in the neighborhood

• The work is booooooring!

• They don’t know what to do how to do the work

• They are perfectionists and are fearful of failing

• They are ill

• They live in a culture with different values from the values of their school

• They need special assistance with school work and do not receive it

• They need activities that encourage them to be active, but are in a classroom where they are expected to work quietly and passively

• They lack confidence

• Their goals are unrealistic

• They do not see the connection between the daily work they do now and the successful future that they could have

• The offered rewards do not appeal to them

• They have little or no curiosity about the lesson

• They do not relate well with their classmates

• They perceive their teacher as uncaring

• The learning style of an assignment is very different from their preferred learning style

• They lack the prerequisite skills to master the work successfully

• Their peers mock them for school success

• There is no long-term planning in their home lives

• They are tired of being told what to do

• They have no plan for managing their time, materials, or work

• The work is not relevant to their needs

• Their work is relevant to their needs, but students don’t understand that it is

• They do not have enough background knowledge to connect present learning to previous knowledge

• They can’t read or write well enough to do the work quickly and efficiently

• No one at home stresses that they need to do well in school.


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