wedding photography

life through the times..


im not updating quite a long time, yep i know that. I just dont have any appetite to write even there were so much things happened in my life during past few times before 2010.

Back to year 2009,
29hb November 2009 – I went for Jo and Yus wedding at Kuala Nerang.
4 and 5 Dec 09- Hiring shooter to shoot Jamie’s Wed
12 Dec 09 – Went for Amnan’s Wedding in KL
(and during this time I lost my External Flash Canon 580ex II)
26 Dec 09 – Went for Amalina’s Wedding in Kuala Nerang
27 Dec 09 – Went for Watie’s Engagement day in Pantai Johor
3 January 2010 – Went for Fatihah’s ENgagement day in Melaka

23 January 2010 – Hafisoh Wedding Day

p/s : dear You, i feel empty in my heart and i do know why…but please come to me and take my hand..


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