u commit when u said YES!

salam, being a lecturer isnt easy man. yeap. next week we gonna start new semester and classes yet our preparation just 40% done, perhaps? i guess? err….

here goes:
1. audio design notes
2. visual studies notes
3. heck i need to teach polibriged again this sem. so plan for the project earlier ok?:D was thinking about buat social service? like kluar dr poli cari orang tua nak lintas jalan n tolong lintas jalan ke? atau pegi cari mana2 umah org2 tua yang perlukan khidmat bersihkan rumah or what so ever? oh i bet it must be fun kan?:D
4. plan trip for audio design class and outing for visual studies class maybe pegi jalan somewhere outside poli duduk2 n visualize piece of artwork? why not kan?:D
4. annual report as usual. *straight face*
5. PIN buletin
6. client’s album

Jun, gambatte ne!


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