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faqeh went to the beach *family trip*


First time in Faqeh’s life went to the beach. It was hilariously something new for him..haha..punya takut nak pijak pasir pantai..hhihi ..ni di PD :p apa nama dah x ingat tempat ni..uhuh

599298_10152084983121763_862366480_n 1424322_10152084930936763_1527061541_n 1459047_10152084983351763_1555807693_n 1464136_10152084983581763_1306561082_n 1466154_10152084983711763_1165658142_n 1476588_10152084983841763_1923567195_n 1497743_10152084983506763_759469202_n



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