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network printer troubleshoot

assalam…i create this entry dedicate to all mac n windows user who almost 70% give up to troubleshoot their network printer.

fyi..we have 2 desktop pc and 1 macbook pro. it will make our life happy n easy if we create network printer to print from any of the pc or i start exploring the server pc on how to create network printer.

from this pc mmg xdo masalah print ke network printer

dgn yg ni yg bagi aku murung separuh hari

pc yg connected dgn printer

i successfully connected n print from another pc to network printer but i failed to do so from my macbook pro to ntwork printer on windows 7.
go to printer preferences utk check sharing status

check kat sini..tick the share this printer box n click apply ..ok..settle yg ni


it took me more than hlf day to troubleshoot the setting.@-@.. sempat tido lagi sbb too much stress ..

now the tips, lets me explain in bhs:
1. basic things yg kita kena buat on mbp is go to preferences-scanner n printers then select + to add new printer.
2. akan naik popup window ask to add printer either through ip, windows n advance.
3. if advance icon x naik..right click n select customize toolbar
4. in my case, the network printer doesnt appear on the default list so i need to add from advance…stilll xda jugak.finally jumpa kat tab windows punya icon.
5. kat windows tab ni akan naik network name streamyx yg kita guna then local host n printer name.
6. then bawah tu kena select software..haaa yg bab select software ni la yg bagi aku nak fedup…
7. the driver for canon tu x naik dlm list software tu so aku try select generic pcl n postscript.but both setting failed to print..
8. memula nampak cam la dh jumpa printer dlm list network just softwr tu x guna yg accurate driver which i used the pcl n postscript tu..bila nak print dia minta username n pwd. so i masukkan username n pwd account utk yg server pc tu..bila try to print dia naik hold for authentication pulakk..adoi
9. then i tido..pedap u sapa yg stress troubleshoot ni pegi tido n bgn tu mandi2 n hadap balik benda ni..haha.
10. after mandi dah fresh aku tgk balik setting..kali ni try install driver manually kat canon website ..tapi bila nak print masih lagi x kuar tapi dia tulis dah sent data n complete printing..aii pelik sunggoh
11. my last resort was godek smula cd ori printer ni n reinstall on mac n add semula printer..
12. mannnn it works for me this time!!!!!!!

hahhhh..fuuuhhh legaaa uols…

btw ada yg bagi tips kalau naik ursername n pwd tu just letak guest kat both column…worked for org lain but not for me anyway i dh try..

lega..hopefully this entry dtg bantu those yg having bad times like me while troubleshoot their network printer..hahaha



kembara mencari keampunan....

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