stop motion


Ohooooo…smlm aku buat stop motion..kali pertamanya sepanjang hidup aku menjadi photographer shoot water splash ni..sedihkan..hahaha…
Disebabkan ku assign studnts utk buat stop motion…why not aku buat jugak kan..instead of buat org lompat2… Ku nak buat water splash plak..
First trial aku plan nak buat didapur ja..letak ppan pemotong atas sinki..letak glass kat atas tu direct bawah paip air..tapi  x jadi..
Akhirnya aku set up macam dlm gambar kat bawah ni..hahah…boleh la..jadi la jugak..hanya dgn  guna lampu dr phone..kalau ada lampu meja lagi cantik kot :p

life through the times..


im not updating quite a long time, yep i know that. I just dont have any appetite to write even there were so much things happened in my life during past few times before 2010.

Back to year 2009,
29hb November 2009 – I went for Jo and Yus wedding at Kuala Nerang.
4 and 5 Dec 09- Hiring shooter to shoot Jamie’s Wed
12 Dec 09 – Went for Amnan’s Wedding in KL
(and during this time I lost my External Flash Canon 580ex II)
26 Dec 09 – Went for Amalina’s Wedding in Kuala Nerang
27 Dec 09 – Went for Watie’s Engagement day in Pantai Johor
3 January 2010 – Went for Fatihah’s ENgagement day in Melaka

23 January 2010 – Hafisoh Wedding Day

p/s : dear You, i feel empty in my heart and i do know why…but please come to me and take my hand..

Latest Artwork

I’m not painting or drawing or doing sketches for quite sometimes but today here goes my latest artwork.Digitally drawn and painted in Adobe Photoshop CS3. Mostly using Brush Tool and playing with color opacity.=)

Original Image : I’ve found this picture in my office computer and decided to re-paint it.

a <- Credits to for this picture.


**Comments & Critiques are welcomed:)