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Never cross in mind I’ll involve with BOXXEVENT.At the first place,I went to TOMOI CHAMPIONSHIP JUBLEE EMAS event as per invitation by Kak Nad ( Nadya Shahabudin) .She s my Ex-officemate in TM NET + atashi no senpai (my senior) in MMU.  Shooting the Sport event truly gave me new brand of feeling especially when we could be here and there right behind the ring itself…

You could read the details about me and boxxevent at this entry :

Thank goes to Kak Nad,Abg Mus and all the BoxxEvent Crew=).

note: Videos were created by Abg Mus.=D

Sports photography

Kejohanan Tomoi Antarabangsa Jubli Emas Diraja 2008 [Kedah]

Move[Japanese Band]

Assalamualaikum..Thank goes to Kak Nad [nadya shahabudin] n her cousins for this opportunity, nice experience, never cross in mind nak shoot this kind of sport photography..haha..but i would say It was soooo Cool!!! got the opportunity kenal ngn boxers some more..dpt hadiah besday lagik..heheh..tatau la nak ckp camne…speechless..enjoice the pictures lah:p